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Athletic Sports Passes & Tickets

Wabash MS/HS has made changes to our ticket and pass purchases.  We have been having issues with the company you purchased your All Sports Pass through.  Due to the issues, we have to transition to another company.  The new company is EventLink.  The same company all of our schedules are available through.

The great part about this, all of our schedules are now linked to the our ticket and pass sales.  No need to have two different locations/sites.  The link to purchase tickets is:  https://sites.eventlink.com/s/wabashapaches/purchase-tickets or you can purchase them directly through your EventLink application on your phone by clicking on the event. Tickets are only available 5 days prior to the event. Passes must be purchased on the website, only tickets are available to purchase in the app. 

To make it easier on your passes, I would download the EventLink app on your phone.  After purchasing your pass, you will have a section on your app that says ” Purchased Tickets and/or Season Pass”. (See screen shot below)

Eventlink program screenshotIf you purchased a student all sports pass, they will NOT be able to use their Student ID card.  I apologize for this.  Neither company was going to be able to make this work.

If you or your student does not have a smartphone for a pass, EventLink is offering a printout for the pass with a QR Code.  If you need help with this, please contact the Athletic Office.

We will be scanning all Tickets and Passes at the gate.  Please have them ready when you get to the gate.  Best option is to use the EventLink Application.
We will be selling tickets at the gate.  Prices are as follows:
Varsity Events:  $6
Sub-Varsity Events (MS/C/JV):  $5
Adult All Sports Pass:  $100
Senior Citizen All Sports Pass:  $30
Student All Sports Pass:  $25
If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.