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Course Fees

Wabash High School makes every effort to deliver the highest quality public education at the lowest possible cost. The state of Indiana does not provide schools with funds for course curriculum or supplies, so schools then have to pass that cost on to parents. Course fees consist of 3 possible areas:
  • Textbook fees (physical books or digital books)
  • Consumables (workbooks or other materials that will be used up in one year)
  • Supplies (course-specific supplies that will be used up in one year)
Teachers and principals make every effort to find free curriculum materials and reuse supplies whenever possible to lower these costs. In some cases such as dual credit courses or PLTW, we are required to use materials and have no option to lower the cost. Below you will find the course fees for Wabash High School.
Course Fees Document 1
Course Fees Document 2
Course Fees Document 3
Course Fees Document 4
Course Fees Document 5
Course Fees Document 6