Wabash High School

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Students to access BullyBox - Click this link -and use "Apaches" as the school password




What Is It?

The BullyBøx is a mobile application, available on iPhone and Android platforms, designed to allow students to safely and anonymously report acts of bullying or other school-safety concerns. The BullyBøx provides a "voice" to those being victimized, as well as empowering up-standers, while simultaneously allowing reporters to refrain from becoming directly involved in the incident.


What Happens When Students Report?

When the student opens the app, he or she will find themselves choosing from three very simple options:
  • The first option (the scroll) allows the user to view their state's laws regarding bullying.
  • The second option (the pencil) allows the user to submit a report
  • The third option (the stop sign) allows the user to view tips on how to avoid bullying, and how to handle certain situations. Please see the above screenshot!

Without a doubt, the most important part of the app is the ability to report acts of bullying or other school-safety concerns. The reporting student can fill in any information they may have regarding a single isolated incident, or a series of related incidents. In addition, by selecting the "choose photo" button, the student can attach photographic evidence. Once the reporting student taps the "send" button, the report is automatically sent through our servers, and emailed to the designated school faculty member.


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